I believe that my real talent is to have a mind-set of an Apprentice, the love for learning.

Almost all subjects interest me. What pleases me in this process is to try to know the new in depth. It is exciting every discovery made, no matter the outcome, or what I will do or not with it. Energizing grows in the path that leads from ignorance to competence. My curiosity leads me to engage in all kinds of learnings, from artistic to technical, almost everything fascinates. This apprentice posture puts lightness in our life because it takes away the requirement of perfection for those in process. This excitement makes the learning process the most and so significant.

Life is about the search!

I also consider myself as a manager with a creative thinking thus; I seek to associate myself with creative, credible and successful people. I truly believe that only together we can overcome all barriers, we achieve nothing as individuals, but as a team, we can set and achieve bigger goals.  My life is full of goals, aspirations and achievements. I always seek out the mediocre towards the exceptional. Motivation and influencing people, coaching them towards their goals. Achieving results together, with the use of charm and persuasion, not through aggression. I believe that work is more than a job, if you do what you love, you do not work, you have fun and our work must reflect your personal lifestyle and our beliefs. Our goal should be to save the Nature, the world and the people. We should leave a better planet, for the others that are coming after us. This mindset changes everything, the benefit of the future population in exchange of the work of the present individuals as to be your target as human beings. Is time to act, to be positive, bold, active, persistent and influent.

Focus in the Solution is one of my drivers. Faced with a complex situation involving many factors, I always try to seek out the best way of doing things. We always can reconfigure and redo it, to achieve the ultimate goal and a new result.

In our era, we need to be flexible, from routine to complex; I constantly feel the need to find the most appropriate solution. Organization, freedom to act and the authority to make decisions are a need in my life and my work.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


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