We live in troubled times, times of change, it is not something different from the past, but the speed of change has reached levels never before perceived, but there is no other alternative but to lean us to it and accept it. Darwin in his theory of evolution argued – it will not survive the strongest, but rather the one that more rapidly adapt to change.

With this persistent and constant change of perspective is essential to do a strategic plan, at least to guide us.

Strategic planning is of great importance given that the current market is highly competitive and in continuous adaptation, so we must be able to face and need to define priori strategies and objectives to achieve, so we are prepared to follow future circumstances!

Know our customer and meet our customer’s customer is essential, just so you can create a strategy, you must also be aware of the context, the new and upcoming trends. In short, we need to be aware of the market and know their speeds as well as to where you can drive.

As promoted Drucker – “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

The speed of innovation and the resulting behavior change is a challenge that the marketplace today, higher than it has ever been before, but rightly so happens, we live in our time, not now or that may exist, it is for us to create value for the brand we represent – Us.


You are, your most import brand!

I lie to myself, you?

We need a plan to build a path, to know the way, even if you have to change direction all the time. Adapt but Keep walking!


                                                                                                                          José Pedro Vieyra


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