Portugal & Surf = Nation Brand?


The world reality and economy at the present time it is characterized by a complex level of dependency, competition and cooperation between nations. Place Branding in this context, works as a strategic mechanism, whose purpose is to improve the competitiveness and the development of the territory, through actions that can have a positive impact to differentiate and communicate the place competitive advantages.

Place branding can be applied to a city, region or a nation. Nation branding it was developed from place branding and as a strategic instrument, aims to create a nation brand that functions as a guarantee of the nation brand and the country products/services, leveraging the nation image and targeting economic development. One of the nation brand assets, is the perception that different target audiences have from the brand, like residents, tourist and/or investors. That perception to be positive, should be, of a boosted nation that create added value for different economic segments.

This research will focus on a nation branding study, in the particular case of Portugal. To complement the research, the investigation is also focused in the effect that surf has in the nation brand.

Considering the goals of this research, this dissertation reveals the country of Portugal as a nation brand and explore the potentialities of the nation as a brand. Moreover the investigation reflects the association between surf and the nation brand, understanding if surf contributed to the sustainable development of the nation brand.

Keywords: Nation-brand, Portugal, Surf, Place-brand, Place Marketing

Link: jp_investigation


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